Feeling really positive tonight. I have been feeling really stressed lately, about a lot of things, but something just felt like it snapped together tonight. All my plans for the future are uncertain at most, and I have a lot of trials (that I thought I was through with) that I will have to face.

I have a good support system, though. People who look out for me and genuinely care for my overall wellbeing. It’s comforting, and if I’m being honest, a little daunting. I’m pretty awful when it comes to my interpersonal relationships. However, I have confidence.

People stay if they can; if they want to. These ones have been around for awhile. I feel really blessed

I would just like to stop and say that I have an immeasurable appreciation for hugs.
That’s all

I just broke my back door.

A wild Elijah appeared! ~

Timestamp: 1397773288